Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Basics Aren't Boring!

I had an epiphany earlier today that compares dancing to learning other life skills. Students don't always realize that seeing movement does not equal understanding movement. They participate in advanced classes without having a strong understanding of the figures thinking, "I've seen that before," without consideration for the nuances that are intrinsically built into dancing at a high level.

Just because you have had someone show you the proper way to lift weights, that doesn't mean you are suddenly an expert at lifting weights, or, for that matter, you no longer need to lift weights. Instead, you should begin adding more weight to your lifting regimen, or using your learned technique to tap into other muscle groups for a better workout. Consider beginner level dance classes like muscle toning exercises. You are developing muscle memory with less focus on shedding pounds, and more emphasis on maintaining your current level of fitness. In dancing, muscle memory is important for recalling choreography and making adjustments during floorcrafting.

So next time your teacher asks you to execute a basic movement, put on your dancer's hat, channel your inner Blackpool competitor spirit, and do it like you mean it!

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