Sunday, April 1, 2012

LAST CALL!!! Dancing Trip to Brazil

Ah, dancing in the paradise!! Dancing Trips©'s 2012 visit to Brazil sets the scene in the "Magic Island" of Florianopolis (also lovingly known as Floripa). From your arrival on April 25th to your departure on April 30th, there is no worry on the enchanted island. All your needs for a perfect vacation are carefully planned and arranged, from fine accommodation in the heart of Downtown Floripa to exciting sightseeing tours in modern cities and a rustic fishing village to exquisite cuisines Brazil is renowned for to unique shopping opportunities.

Of course this is a dancing trip, and a plenty of dancing is in order. The most popular dances in Brazil include Samba, Bolero/Rumba, Swing, Salsa/Mambo, Forro, Cha-cha, Argentine Tango, Zouk (Slow Lambada), and Merengue. Take workshops to learn very typical Brazilian social dances or polish your Argentine Tango or West Coast Swing from some of the best dance masters. Attend nightly parties and meet local dancers and visitors from all over the world. Numbers of shows will amaze and inspire you to deepen your dance skills-- and maybe to perform on your next visit!

Your Dancing Trips©’s host and guide is a native of Brazil, bi-lingual in Portuguese and English, and a master dancer himself. The group is small, and service is personal.

There are only 5 spaces left to close the group. If you don’t want to miss this experience of the lifetime, contact: The deadline is April 10.

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