Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baila Floripa!

The countdown to Brazil has begun! This year's dancing trip is to the magical island of Floripa, where travelers will experience the greatest food, sights and culture Brazil has to offer. Celebrate springtime with Forever Dancing in tropical paradise.
Dance the Lambada on one of Floripa's 42 beaches, or enjoy shopping in a quaint nearby village. Either way, you will feel more relaxed and catered to than any other trip you've ever been on!
You will also get to participate in dance workshops and see an amazing dance show that includes performances by students of Forever Dancing! If you aren't sold already, here are some details to further entice you: Click here

What is included?
One of the best accommodation in a strategical centered location in Floripa Downtown with a beatiful view of the sea and easy access to Restaurants, Banks, Night Clubs and all of our tours and activities.
Transportation and tickets to all planned tours, events and attractions.
Two Complete Meals a Day. Mostly Breakfast and dinner (except for drinks)
Group dance classes and parties, including a ballroom formation showcase dance presentation on the theater
Bi-lingual Brazilian native dancer guide to host the attractions and night
Your guide will take care of everything from your arrival to your departure,
including transportation, hotels and transfers. Schedulle is optional but night activities are strongly reccommended.

Space is limited. Airfare is not included. Tickets should be arranged for arrival on the morning of April 25 (flying April 24 evening).

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