Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FDB Raving Fan Raffle winners

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to the winners of the FDB Raving Fan contest!

Meg Phillips and Yvonne Malloy are being inducted into the FDB Hall of Fame for being 2012's Forever Dancing "Raving Fans!" Thank you for spreading the word and for helping our studio to grow!

Our two raving fans tied in submitting the most online reviews, blowing the competition out of the water. Meg won free group classes during the month of November for bringing the most students to Forever Dancing Ballroom, and for having the most tickets in the raffle. Yvonne will be receiving 2 free private lessons plus a pair of new dance shoes for winning the raffle drawing. We appreciate everyone's participation and thank you all for your positive reviews and support.

Your opinion is important to us and we love to hear your feedback and ideas. The quest to find the 2013 Raving Fan is officially open, so get those reviews in and tell your friends to come check us out-- you will be greatly rewarded!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Open House!

So you wish you could dance?!
Here is the perfect chance....  On Saturday, July 21st, Open House is held at Forever Dancing Ballroom, and you are cordially invited!
From 12 noon to 3 PM, introductory (read "no dance experience required") 30-minute classes are given in Ballroom Dance, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Flamenco, and Aerial Dance.
Admission is free.  No partner is needed--, but bringing some friends for added fun is optional.

Ever dreamt of dancing gracefully in the air since you last saw Cirque du Soleil?  Wish to glide to a smooth Waltz on your next vacation cruise or at a friend's wedding?  Tired of just watching others dance at Salsa club on weekend nights?  Mastered Swing and your next ambition is Argentine Tango?  Open House is a fun opportunity to try them all.  Turn your dancing fantasy into your reality!
Also take this time to talk with the instructors who are so passionate about sharing their crafts.  Experience the posh dance studio with gorgeous cushioned floor.  Meet the friendly dance community.

To welcome and support you further into the exciting world of dancing, Forever Dancing will be offering a very special discount to new students who are signing up for a series of classes at Open House.  So wake up the dancer in you!

Check out the link for the schedule of classes;

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Press Release and Open House Invite

Forever Dancing, L.L.C.

Contact: Jennifer Bonini                                           
Studio telephone/Fax: (703) 824-3555
Office telephone: (703) 798-1071

Happy Feet, Happy Heart
                Health benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Falls Church, VA. The viewing rate of the reality TV show, “Dancing With The Stars” continues to grow strongly. 
The obesity rate in America continues to rise alarmingly. 
Put the two together, and the answer is simple; dance for your fitness and well-being!

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing are numerous.  If you know you need to add some physical activities to your life but hate the idea of working strenuously at a gym, dancing is a great way to get some exercise while having fun. In those graceful moves hide some serious cardiovascular workouts that raise your pulse and burn calories, aiding in weight loss. You will find yourself moving more gracefully even off the dance floor, improving metabolism, blood circulation, stamina, bone density, balance, flexibility, and posture.

Aside from its physical benefits, Ballroom Dancing is also good for your emotional and mental health.
Dancing, like other forms of exercise, releases Endorphins, feel-good chemicals, in your system. Also because Ballroom Dance also requires your focus on your coordinated movements, your partner, and music, it takes your thoughts off stress of your daily life. What attracts viewers to the popular ABC show, “Dancing with the Stars”?  Celebrities, shimmering costumes, amazing dance routines, backstage dramas….  “And pure joy of dancing the participants discover as they train for the show,” adds Fabio Bonini, artistic director of Forever Dancing Ballroom in Falls Church.
Dancing vigorously to some great music enlivens your sense of self.  Socializing with other dancers is relaxing and fun. “The greatest benefit of Ballroom Dancing may be connecting with oneself…” admits Bonini, “… teaching dance is very little about dance.  It’s rather about people… who they are and who they want to be.”
In addition, several studies link Ballroom Dancing to prevention of Alzheimer’s disease because it involves all physical, cognitive, and social activities.

To support and celebrate the happy and healthy dancer in all, Forever Dancing Ballroom is celebrating its second year anniversary with a daytime Open House offering free classes in Ballroom Dance, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Aerial Silk, Flamenco, and Brazilian Dance, and an evening of dance party on Saturday, July 21, 2012.  So why don’t you get dancing?

Forever Dancing Ballroom is located at 5818-B Seminary Road, Falls Church, Virginia, 22041.  http://foreverdancing.com/

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Year Since....

The First Saturday Night Ballroom Dance Party at Forever Dancing Ballroom is always a fun time with the beautiful dance floor, great selection of music, welcoming atmosphere, and the friendly dance community who adores this Ballroom as their home.  
However, this Saturday's gathering will be extra special for me... because it is the anniversary party.  

When the monthly Ballroom Dance Party inaugurated one year ago in June 2011, the studio owners Fabio and Jennifer Bonini turned the event into a benefit dance to support recovery of Japan, who had suffered from the triple tragedies of the earthquake, tsunami, and unclear disasters in that March.  Still in the first year in the operation of their dance studio, Fabio and Jennifer gave 100 % of the evening's proceed to the cause.  Between teaching and managing their young business, the couple folded paper cranes for decoration-- and as prayers.  Many guests came to support the good will.  Friends who would usually not attend ballroom dance events also showed up.  In addition to the admission to the party, generous donations were offered.   
The recipient of the proceed was chosen to be the All Hands Volunteers, in which one of the studio's dear friends and a local dancer, Ranko Fukuda, made a courageous decision to join by halting everything in her American life and returning to her damaged home country for hard working 6 months. 

Now close to its second birthday, I have been honored to witness countless good times around Forever Dancing Ballroom; showcase events, special guest instructors, competitions, parties with new and familiar faces, live bands, numerous celebrations, deepening friendships....  
Yet "Dance for Japan 2011" will always be one of my favorite events ever held at the studio.  Not only because I am Japanese, who was woken up early on 3/11/11 by my sister breaking the news from home, but also the event reminded me how simply good human nature is.  So much love, support, and good wishes poured in.  It didn't matter where they were from or if they knew anybody who were affected by the disasters.  We all suffered as sisters and brothers of the world and had to do something to help even from afar.  So we stirred up positive energy on our beloved dance floor.  Japan had lost enough.  Japan had cried enough.  It was time to create something new.

And on with the life we go.  Each of us, too, have our good days and bad days.  But when we return to the dance floor, we find our way back to our center.  So we dance on.

Wishing to see many faces again this June at the First Saturday Night Ballroom Dance Party at Forever Dancing Ballroom!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Showcase

This year's Spring Showcase celebrated our students' achievements with great support from over 100 family members and friends in attendance, and fantastic performances by students and staff.  Fabio and Rie kicked off the show with an energetic Jive to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," which set the stage for the other Rhythm routines that followed.  We must have all been feeling the Latin vibe, because there was not one single Smooth routine in the program!  I think that made for a more upbeat and fun atmosphere that really got the spectators' toes tapping.  My Salsa Formation Team also made their debut with a performance to "Los Campeones De La Salsa" by Willy Chirino.  They liked it so much, the team has nearly doubled in size since then!!  Some of our Aerialists performed their unique silks routines, which, if you have never seen it before, is a show of masterful technique in itself.  Robin has done a wonderful job training her students in the art of dancing with fabric.  We also welcomed some student-teacher pairs from neighboring studios, which almost made the evening feel like a family reunion (minus your crazy Aunt Aida).  All in all, I think everyone had a super time at Forever Dancing and we are excited about the next Showcase!
With numerous competitions and events coming up, there are lots more opportunities to show off, so talk to us next time you are in the studio about how you can get in on the action!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

LAST CALL!!! Dancing Trip to Brazil

Ah, dancing in the paradise!! Dancing Trips©'s 2012 visit to Brazil sets the scene in the "Magic Island" of Florianopolis (also lovingly known as Floripa). From your arrival on April 25th to your departure on April 30th, there is no worry on the enchanted island. All your needs for a perfect vacation are carefully planned and arranged, from fine accommodation in the heart of Downtown Floripa to exciting sightseeing tours in modern cities and a rustic fishing village to exquisite cuisines Brazil is renowned for to unique shopping opportunities.

Of course this is a dancing trip, and a plenty of dancing is in order. The most popular dances in Brazil include Samba, Bolero/Rumba, Swing, Salsa/Mambo, Forro, Cha-cha, Argentine Tango, Zouk (Slow Lambada), and Merengue. Take workshops to learn very typical Brazilian social dances or polish your Argentine Tango or West Coast Swing from some of the best dance masters. Attend nightly parties and meet local dancers and visitors from all over the world. Numbers of shows will amaze and inspire you to deepen your dance skills-- and maybe to perform on your next visit!

Your Dancing Trips©’s host and guide is a native of Brazil, bi-lingual in Portuguese and English, and a master dancer himself. The group is small, and service is personal.

There are only 5 spaces left to close the group. If you don’t want to miss this experience of the lifetime, contact: Fabio@ForeverDancing.com. The deadline is April 10.

For more information visit: www.DancingTrips.com

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Basics Aren't Boring!

I had an epiphany earlier today that compares dancing to learning other life skills. Students don't always realize that seeing movement does not equal understanding movement. They participate in advanced classes without having a strong understanding of the figures thinking, "I've seen that before," without consideration for the nuances that are intrinsically built into dancing at a high level.

Just because you have had someone show you the proper way to lift weights, that doesn't mean you are suddenly an expert at lifting weights, or, for that matter, you no longer need to lift weights. Instead, you should begin adding more weight to your lifting regimen, or using your learned technique to tap into other muscle groups for a better workout. Consider beginner level dance classes like muscle toning exercises. You are developing muscle memory with less focus on shedding pounds, and more emphasis on maintaining your current level of fitness. In dancing, muscle memory is important for recalling choreography and making adjustments during floorcrafting.

So next time your teacher asks you to execute a basic movement, put on your dancer's hat, channel your inner Blackpool competitor spirit, and do it like you mean it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baila Floripa!

The countdown to Brazil has begun! This year's dancing trip is to the magical island of Floripa, where travelers will experience the greatest food, sights and culture Brazil has to offer. Celebrate springtime with Forever Dancing in tropical paradise.
Dance the Lambada on one of Floripa's 42 beaches, or enjoy shopping in a quaint nearby village. Either way, you will feel more relaxed and catered to than any other trip you've ever been on!
You will also get to participate in dance workshops and see an amazing dance show that includes performances by students of Forever Dancing! If you aren't sold already, here are some details to further entice you: Click here

What is included?
One of the best accommodation in a strategical centered location in Floripa Downtown with a beatiful view of the sea and easy access to Restaurants, Banks, Night Clubs and all of our tours and activities.
Transportation and tickets to all planned tours, events and attractions.
Two Complete Meals a Day. Mostly Breakfast and dinner (except for drinks)
Group dance classes and parties, including a ballroom formation showcase dance presentation on the theater
Bi-lingual Brazilian native dancer guide to host the attractions and night
Your guide will take care of everything from your arrival to your departure,
including transportation, hotels and transfers. Schedulle is optional but night activities are strongly reccommended.

Space is limited. Airfare is not included. Tickets should be arranged for arrival on the morning of April 25 (flying April 24 evening).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Salsa Formation Team Auditions!

Calling all Salseros and Salseras!
Have you ever thought about being part of a team and performing for your family and friends?
If so, this opportunity could be for you! Minimum of basic salsa knowledge is preferred.
Auditions for Forever Dancing's Salsa Formation Team will be held Thursday February 17th and 24th from 8:15 - 9:00 PM so if you or anyone you know is interested in learning some hot choreography, come on over and try out for the team!
We will be performing the routine at the studio's Spring Showcase (Saturday, April 21) so we have 8 weeks to prepare! Classes start March 1st. For more information view the links below:





Hope to see you on the dance floor!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tribute to the Tango Dancer

Happy New Year All!
This is a friendly reminder for everyone to mark their calendars for Saturday, January 28th
Get excited for a day of workshops by top notch instructors in the Argentine Tango industry, followed by a formal Milonga with live music by Tango Reo with vocalist Claudia Gargiulo, and special guest musician Emmanuel Trifilio.
You will also enjoy student and professional performances, so come and join us for this Tango-riffic event!
Workshop schedule and Milonga info can be found by clicking here
Reserve your spot today and take advantage of Early bird discounts (before 01/20)!
[I would offer some insight, but I'm afraid it would spoil the surprises!]